Why Deadlifts Can Make You Lose Weight Faster!

Deadlifts and squats are two of the most basic moves in a weight lifting program, yet they are one of the most misunderstood exercises, and this is exactly why it is so difficult to understand how to perform them correctly.

It is not uncommon to have an exercise guide or “how to do it” video showing you how to do a series of abdominal exercises but never showing you how to do a deadlift, or squat. As simple as they are, these two moves are extremely powerful in their own right.

The most basic reason why deadlifts and squats are so useful is because of the anatomical translated functional translation of the movements into everyday activities, or ADLs (activities of everyday living).

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Now, before you get too far into this, the phrase “dynamic tension” has gotten a little bit skewed over time, somehow leading to some ridiculously unconventional types of exercise using unstable surfaces and weird workouts that almost never work. This is why I am addressing the issue of dynamic tension in this article.

So, what is meant by dynamic tension? Dynamic tension is when the weight of your body or any object is exerted along a tensed or curved line. Think of the resistance of a spring that is slightly loosened but is still wound up under a hundred pounds of weight.

We have just introduced you to the concept of dynamic tension, and how it relates to deadlift and squat strength training. Now, for our purposes let’s make things simpler and focus on just how this affects the exercises themselves, instead of focusing on the idea of how they affect the rest of your workout routine.

The Deadlift uses mostly your quadriceps, and the gluteus maximus. Due to the fact that the Deadlifts require you to exert a tremendous amount of force through the extended muscles of the legs, they are great for increasing your strength in your hamstrings and glutes. While this is important to a workout routine, I want to focus on the importance of deadlines in regards to your functional training for daily living.

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In terms of functionality, the two deadlines that are most frequently used in gyms are the barbell and squat. Both of these exercises can strengthen your quads, though the barbell Deadlift puts much more stress on the back and hip flexors than the squat does. Because of this difference in stress, deadlines can actually be used to help restore your back to a functional level after injuries.

As previously mentioned, this is where Deadlifts can put your body into what is called a hyperextension cycle. This is a pretty common phenomenon after participating in weight training and bodybuilding, where the spine and back muscles get hyperextended due to the stresses placed on them while working out.

A big thing that many people don’t realize about Deadlifts is how valuable they are in terms of exercise for maintaining proper spinal alignment. Most people are unaware of just how important maintaining proper spinal alignment is and how this plays a huge role in keeping your back healthy.

One of the biggest things that happens to your spine as you grow older is spinal misalignment, which is why the Deadlifts can be such an important exercise to incorporate into your weekly program. Along with keeping your spine aligned, deadlifts will help you keep your posture correct as well.

Another huge physiological benefit of Deadlifts is that they are great for increasing bone density. During your workout, you will be forced to use many of your major muscle groups to stabilize yourself as you perform each of your reps. As you can imagine, when you consistently use these groups to stabilize yourself, your bone density will increase, which means that you will be less likely to suffer from debilitating bone diseases like osteoporosis.

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This is a pretty clear example of why Deadlifts can play such a huge role in someone’s fitness routine. Another benefit of increased bone density is that your metabolism will increase, which will lead to more energy and weight loss.

Overall, deadlifts provide your entire musculoskeletal system with an extensive workout that works for multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The deadlift is one of my favorite exercises to perform because of all of these reasons. Although Deadlifts can be difficult, if you consistently follow a routine and do them correctly you will be doing your body a huge favor.

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