Powerful Benefits of Using a Pilates Plank Ring

If you’ve done any amount of core work in the form of squats or crunches, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the benefits of plank exercises. Plank movements strengthen your entire midsection, as well as your legs and back.

The plank is great for improving posture, back pain and even your metabolism! To improve on your current fitness routine and increase your metabolism, try a few of these workouts for improved posture, back pain and more!


* Use the plank to increase your metabolism. Traditional sit-ups and crunches are great at keeping your body’s muscles worked out and in shape. However, they can also work with your metabolism for hours after you stop working out.

When compared with traditional cardio exercises, planks actually spend less time in the gym and burn more calories throughout the day. If you sit around all day, your entire body can now be hidden by that love handle. Planks will actually wake those muscles up, adding to your overall metabolism.

* Improved posture. Traditional back exercises like sit-ups and crunches can work their way into your back, neck and shoulders, leaving you with a sore back and a hunched posture. If your back is sore, you’ll probably be more prone to injuries and pain. On the other hand, improved posture means that you’ll be more comfortable throughout the day and be better able to prevent injuries.

* Health benefits. Poor posture can cause back and spine pain, neck stiffness and headaches. It can also lead to pain in the knees, hips, shins and feet. This, of course, affects your daily quality of life. A healthy, proper posture has many health benefits such as better breathing and circulation, improved circulation and even reduced risk of heart disease. A good posture works not only on your back and spine but on your entire body.

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* Strengthening your abdominals. Many people underestimate the importance of core strength. When your abdominals are strong and flexible, not only will your back and spine be stronger but you’ll also have better posture. Many planks focus on building this core strength.

* Maintain balance. Core strength is essential for maintaining balance. Most individuals, if not all, maintain some degree of balance on a regular basis. For example, if you walk or stand with one foot out in front of the other, you’re maintaining balance in your body.

* Increases metabolism. Increased core strength leads to an increased metabolism. Increased metabolism helps burn fat, which leads to improved weight loss. A proper posture also promotes better blood circulation, which helps your body to properly fuel muscle groups and reduce overall body fat.

Many individuals have limited flexibility in their back, hips and lower back. While traditional workouts are typically focused on these parts of the body, back and neck strength training will increase core stability and prevent injury.

Core training exercises are often recommended before undertaking an exercise routine that includes weights. This type of training increases muscle mass, stabilizes the spine, and improves posture. These benefits result in long-term health and safety.

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* Improves balance. Balance can be improved by stretching and strengthening core muscles. Core strength is important for many people because it prevents injuries from occurring and promotes overall health. If you maintain balance, you’ll avoid the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

* Strengthening and improving core function. Many people choose Pilates classes for the intense workout and overall toning benefits that are obtained through these exercises. However, core training is much more than simply tightening and strengthening core muscle groups.

It’s important to include a wide variety of exercises in your program. This multi-faceted approach increases strength, improves posture, and decreases the chance of muscle groups becoming fatigued quickly.

* Excellent for injury prevention. When you have strong core muscles, you can improve your body’s ability to resist stress. Incidents such as slip and falls happen less often when proper posture is maintained.

Whether you choose a Pilates ring, a chair or a thick mat to practice on, learning how to perform proper Pilates plank exercises is not difficult. The secret to a sound workout is maintaining good body alignment using your core and other stabilizing muscles throughout the entire exercise motion.

If you’re looking to strengthen your core, there is nothing better than Pilates core rings. They are a powerful tool for improving posture, strength, and flexibility for the whole body.

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