Why is Warmup So Important Before Exercising?

In our quest to find more information on what is the best pre-workout routine for increasing flexibility we have found a valuable resource that addresses one of the most important factors to creating an effective workout routine – the importance of warm up and cool down.

In the past, we have always been told to get our “warm-up” routine done before hitting the gym for a rigorous workout. The purpose of this warm-up routine is to increase blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage, and help the body recover from the exertion it endured during exercise.

The goal is to reduce soreness and injury to the muscles, joints, and tendons. In most cases, this warm up routine is completed with short bursts of high-intensity exercise to allow the body to recuperate properly and give the muscles and joints a chance to repair themselves.

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Recent studies have shown that during exercise it is not the end result that improves your flexibility but rather the beginning of the workout when you complete the final stretching actions. During the stretch your body is actually at a state of dynamic stability.

This stability is necessary for rapid movement. It is during this time that the body begins to increase flexibility through the increased range of motion of the joints. When you perform the stretching actions during a warmup you put your body in a constant state of dynamic flexibility.

Another important aspect of flexibility is that it allows the body to work with less effort while maintaining or increasing its rate of metabolism. The increased rate of metabolism also allows the body to burn fat which is a very effective method of losing weight.

If you were to decrease the number of calories you expend while performing your daily activities it would be impossible to lose weight and keep up a healthy physical shape. The only way to increase your rate of metabolism is to include flexibility exercises in your fitness routine.

It has been discovered that while performing a warm up and cool down exercise the muscles in the body actually change in size. This increase in size permits the flow of blood easier so it can deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

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An increase in blood flow allows for an increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery to all of the parts of the body including the muscles, which in turn provides for an increase in muscular strength. This is a critical aspect of flexibility. A decrease in blood flow will decrease muscular strength.

There are many benefits that you can experience when you perform a specific set of warm ups and cool downs. You are able to increase your flexibility, improve your body strength, increase your stamina and increase your body mass at the same time.

The ability to perform a camp provides an excellent cardio workout that is great for improving cardiovascular health and stamina. A high-performing warmup also provides an excellent anabolic environment within the body allowing for an increase in protein synthesis, which will also assist in the development of lean muscle mass.

The resistance that is placed on the hamstring by an effective wamup will help to increase both the overall strength of the body as well as the total amount of strength gained from each individual body part.

By strengthening one specific body part, an increase in overall body strength is achieved. The hamstrings are known to be the most powerful body part during leg movement. By strengthening the hamstring you can greatly improve your performance.

Another important role that the hamstrings play in a warmup is during the recovery phase following an intense bout of exercise. As we have previously mentioned, an exercise bout that is followed by a period of rest or lactic acid build-up is much more advantageous to the body than an exercise bout that is immediately followed by full intensity.

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The reason for this is that the lactic acid builds up during an exercise bout but once the bout of exercise is over the lactic acid levels in the body begin to drop drastically. This allows the muscles to have an extended time to recover before they are fully exercised again. A proper recovery time frame is an important role of the hamstrings.

The warmup has the ability to assist in improving your performance in many different types of exercises and even in other exercises such as swimming. It is important to use the proper form when using a warmup to ensure that the proper amount of resistance is being applied to the body.

Many people have difficulty with using the proper form when using a warmup to increase their muscular strength and build muscle mass. Because of this, it is important to learn how to use a warmup correctly.

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