What Makes Dieting Tougher Than Ever?

It’s amazing how a simple question like “what makes Dieting SO tough?” can ignite a vicious cycle of stress and frustration. The simple answer is “all those stressed out hormones”.

In essence, we’re not just burning fat, we’re also burning all those pesky and pleasurable chemicals which make us happy, sad, nervous or tired. What makes the difference between diets which work and diets that don’t? Calories!

There is a reason that diets which work by reducing calories FIT because they reduce calories. There’s a reason that crash diets, starving diets and other gimmicks fail because they DON’T reduce calories. If they reduced calories they wouldn’t be FIT.

When your body needs to burn fat, it uses all those fat-busting hormones, so you see weight loss, right? And you need these hormones because your body needs to build new fat cells (calories) to replace old and/or damaged ones.

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What makes Dieting SO tough is the simple fact that, for most people, the problem isn’t the calories, it’s the stress. Most people have a great deal of “drama” and stress associated with how their bodies are working and what foods will work for them.

They worry about whether they are getting enough “good fats” or whether they are consuming enough “bad fats” such as trans fats. They worry about if they have enough fiber and water.

The truth is, the fat burning workouts you do and the diet changes you make are both important. The focus should be on fat burning and the diet, not the stress and anxiety you may experience while doing it. Stress can be a “fat-shredders” killer too.

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Let’s talk a little bit about stress. I believe that one of the primary reasons we all have stress in our lives is because we use hormones to try to deal with the issues and fears of worrying ourselves.

Those hormones are not always compatible with the body’s hormonal system. We need something else. That something is “feel good” hormones such as endorphins.

If you want to lose weight and get into great shape, then you are going to have to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of stress in your life.

In fact, you must eliminate stress before you can begin to lose body fat. I know that sounds simple, but so many people, after being stressed for years, tend to let their stress run out of control. They develop serious fitness problems.

The other thing that makes Dieting SO tough is that once the weight loss process starts and you realize you are gaining back all the weight you lost, it seems that all the weight loss was for nothing.

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This tends to lead to another major problem and that is, after achieving your weight loss goals, the cycle continues in the opposite direction. As soon as you start gaining back the weight you lost, you start doubting your efforts again and this leads to a serious de-motivation.

The key to effective dieting is understanding the relationship between stress and hormones, understanding how dieting can increase your stress level, and eliminating that stress.

Once you eliminate the stress, you will begin to notice an increase in hormones which will in turn help you reduce the amount of stress in your life. This is the formula for successful weight loss. Do you now understand the why and how of what makes Dieting SO Tough?

Now, to really understand why dieting is so difficult there must be some understanding of the way our bodies work. First off, when you lose weight, the hormones are affected.

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There are two different types of hormones, neuropeptides and amino acids. Neuropeptides cause the body to secrete chemicals that encourage fat burning, metabolism and hunger, amino acids are used for protein synthesis and maintenance of muscle tissue. When these hormones change, so does the person’s state of mind.

When the body is stressed out, it produces an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol, which is processed in the liver. The liver usually responds by storing more fat for future use and reducing insulin levels to try and keep the blood sugar normal. Unfortunately, in a stressful world, we all tend to deal with stress in a different way and react to stressful situations differently. For many people, a change in diet is enough to calm their mind and return their stress hormones to normal levels. For others, some lifestyle changes will have to be made to cope with stress.

Many people find that changing their diet alone is sufficient to relieve stress and allow them to have a more active lifestyle.

However, if their diet is just not low in fat and protein, without making other changes, weight loss can be difficult. As you continue to read about what makes Dieting SO Tough, I hope that you begin to see the possibilities for a more active life and better-looking skin and body.

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