5 Benefits of Lifting Weights

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“Can I gain muscle and lose weight at the same time?” This is a common question among gym goers, bodybuilders, and other people who work out on a regular basis. The short answer: Yes, but women do not get bulky from lifting heavy weights as men do. There are just exceptions to this rule, however,… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Lifting Weights

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What Makes Dieting Tougher Than Ever?

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It’s amazing how a simple question like “what makes Dieting SO tough?” can ignite a vicious cycle of stress and frustration. The simple answer is “all those stressed out hormones”. In essence, we’re not just burning fat, we’re also burning all those pesky and pleasurable chemicals which make us happy, sad, nervous or tired. What… Continue reading What Makes Dieting Tougher Than Ever?

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